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Rescuing the Renegade's reputation with a climb up Mount Strachan

One of the lasting mysteries in the Jeep legend is where the icon got its name. One camp has it that “Jeep” is soldier slang for GP, the General Purpose appellation the U.S. Army bestowed upon the original stout mechanical donkey. Another suggests that the name came from Eugene the Jeep, a cute, yellow, fun-loving cartoon character from 1930s Popeye comics, halfway between a wallaby and a leopard.

Happy Birthday Paul Walker, Signed, Nissan Skyline


Driving a Lamborghini Huracán to Meet the Most Interesting Man in the World

Walter Wolf has built F1 teams, oil rigs and special edition Lamborghinis. And we're meeting him for coffee. He once won a Ferrari 512BB on a handshake bet with Enzo. The Countach has a wing because he shaped one with Gian Paolo Dallara late at night, then attached it to his hand-built prototype.

What's Better Than a Food Truck? A Beer Truck

Never mind the Raptor, forget the Focus RS, and to hell with the Shelby GT350 – this is your new favorite Ford. It's a 1967 Econoline Heavy Duty, and beer comes out the side of it. It is, and this is no exaggeration, the single greatest wheeled machine in the history of mankind. A long time ago, someone invented the wheel.

Downie's magical lyrics come alive as we drive to the 100th Meridian

At the 100th Meridian, where the Great Plains begin.

Battle of the hot hatches: Ford Focus RS vs. VW Golf R

Nature abhors a vacuum, but she sure loves boost. With the five-door version of the Subaru STI dead for the present, here are two of the hottest hatchbacks on the planet, eager to muscle in on supersonic Subie territory. To figure out which is best at filling the STI’s niche, we took both up to Squamish, home of Subaru’s rally team and some of the best backroads in British Columbia.

The Fast and the Furious is a dumb movie, but a wonderfully inspiring dumb movie

In the pantheon of great car movies, The Fast and the Furious rates low on the list. Compared with the realistic footage of Grand Prix, the brooding silences of Le Mans or the character-driven plot-line of American Graffiti, F&F is a sugar-addled Saturday morning cartoon on nitrous oxide. The dialogue is wooden enough that you could set it on fire and toast marshmallows over it.

Watch 1100 '32 Ford Hot-Rods Take Over an Entire City

Deuce Days is the biggest gathering of '32 Fords in North America. America's love affair with the V8 starts here. Stung by losing sales to Chevrolet's six-cylinder cars, Henry Ford embarked on a stubborn quest to provide an eight-cylinder offering as a replacement for the Model A. When he revealed the machine in March of 1932, it had a 221ci “flathead” V-8 making 65hp and 130lb-ft of torque.

Colossus and cars: We test two tiny rides with the giant from X-Men

Do you find something comical about my friend Dan’s appearance when he is driving his automobile? Everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the extremely tall. This was the largest auto that he could afford. Should he therefore be made the subject of fun? Well … yes, actually. This is a 6-foot-8 man in a Nissan Micra.

The Renault Sport Spider Was a Wonderful French Twist on a Lotus Elise

What we have here is effectively a croissant designed for hand-to-hand combat. It is small, lithe, airy, unexpected. It is French, weird, low, agile. It is a car that comes to you from the high-water mark of Renault's Formula 1 years, an aluminum and fiberglass confection of speed. This is a Renault Sport Spider, and it's completely crazy.
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We drive one of the wildest Mustangs in search of the true mustangs

Into the mouth of Hell rode the six hundred. To the left, the mighty Fraser River rages against its granite oppressor; on the right, the bare rock wall stretches up to the sky. There are seven tunnels here, seven looping boreholes through living rock. It’s a bit like being in a nitroglycerine-fuelled version of the hungry, hungry caterpillar.

BMW M2 Quick Review

Critic's Notebook takeaway: BMW, like the author, finds its way back home. Welcome to Critic's Notebook, a quick and off-the-cuff collection of impressions, jottings, and marginalia on whatever The Drive writers happen to be driving. Today's edition: The BMW M2. They're wrong. You can go home again.


Brendan McAleer

Brendan McAleer first drove a stick-shift at the age of eight, and it's been pretty much downhill from there.

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